Ethan "EZ" Wright announced as Senate's Head Coach

by Thomas Van Yperen

The Salt Lake Senate Football Program is excited to announce the addition of Head Coach Ethan Wright (“EZ”) to their team. Coach EZ has been both a contributor and participant in Utah athletics programs for over 8 years, making him an ideal fit for the already successful program. 

Coach EZ is a Utah native, having grown up in Highland and attended American Fork High School. He continued pursuing his football dreams at Snow College, competing on the field and creating long-lasting friendships with coaches, players, and students alike. After college, he honed his craft by contributing to local high school programs as well as providing individualized training through his business @e.ztraining. His expertise in the game was undeniable when it led Skyridge Falcons to their 2022 6A UHSAA Championship Title last year. 

In addition to his skills on the field, Coach EZ is dedicated to developing each player’s full potential both athletically and personally. He encourages them to look beyond the gridiron and unearth unforeseen opportunities that will help prepare them for life after graduation; whether that be advancing their football career or finding success in other areas such as academics or entrepreneurship. 

The Salt Lake Senate Football Program has been fortunate enough to have achieved some successes in recent years. However, they are confident that with Coach EZ’s leadership at the helm, they will be able to reach even greater heights this season and beyond—both on and off the field!  We welcome Ethan “EZ” Wright with open arms and look forward to working with him as part of our team.