Get to know Our New Head Coach Uppsen

by Senate Media Team

Coach Uppsen Downes is a veteran that served his country in the US Army. When his tour of duty ended, he became a firefighter and EMT. His country made the call and he answered the call to serve his country once again. He was headed to the Air Force to be a pararescue and prior to his departure, he was in an accident that almost took his life. After a long year of recovery, he then proceeded to join the Department of Defense as a Federal Officer. This journey into law enforcement brought him to Salt Lake City to join our very own Salt Lake City Police Department. When he got the assignment as School Resource Officer at Highland High School, a new journey into coaching and mentoring began. 

Coach Downes has been helping with community camps for baseball and football for quite some time. He didn’t start coaching until he joined the staff at Highland high school as a School Resource Officer and football coach. He spent four years there, with two years being utilized as an assistant coach and Special team’s coordinator and two years as the Defensive Coordinator. He then got on the staff of Clearfield High as an assistant coach, defensive backs, and safety coach. He was brought on with the Senate to fulfill the role as the Defensive backs, safeties, and assistant Defensive coordinator. Through his hard work, ability to inspire, and winning attitutude he was promoted to Defensive Coordinator. 

He married his wife Brandee and they have a beautiful family of 9 children. You can find Coach Uppsen on his spare time spending quality time with family, reading, formulating new ways to succeed, and occasionally making time for a good round of golf. He is also the founder and chief executive officer of a non-profit, The Wellness Awakening Center, that is focused on the student athlete, giving them a better chance of success moving beyond high school. 

We are elated to welcome back the incredible Downes family to the Senate Family. 


The Senate was established to provide the community with high quality minor league football, and help cultivate local talent giving local athletes the opportunity to participate in professional football. We are looking at partnering with local area businesses in our pursuit of excellence and commitment to the Utah community. We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to making an impact in our community. #CALLTOBATTLE #SENATEFOOTBALL