Player Spotlight: Andre Oneil Jr

by Senate Media Team

Andre Oneil Jr, was born in 1992 and raised in Miami, Florida. He first started playing football at the age of 4 where he learned his passion in life is football. He started his career with the Miami Gwen Cherry Bulls and Liberty City Warriors as a little league player. He played all the way until he made it to the competitive leagues of high school football in South Florida. 

His 9th grade year he played for the Miami Jackson Generals, but then soon transferred to Miami Senior High School for the remaining years of high school. He found himself in a few obstacles which prohibited him for playing varsity until his senior year where he exploded on the scene. 

He made All Dade County and in one season he had a legendary season. He had 1900 all purpose yards with 20 total touchdowns. He graduated in the class of 2011 and earned a football scholarship to Arizona Western College where he played there for two years. His sophmore year he led the team in all purpose yards and touchdowns. He then earned another scholarship to the University of Kearney Nebraska. He was referred to by many of his friends and family as the human joystick for his world class speed, agility and vision. However, due to family concerns he found himself coming home to further his career. 

Since his return home, he has been improving his skillset through semi-professional leagues. He has found an opportunity to refine his skillset, make meaningful contributions to the community he serves, and has been accumulating well over 30 touchdowns. We are so glad to have him a part of the senate family but don't be surprised to find this young man taking a call for a job in the NFL real soon. 


The Senate was established to provide the community with high quality minor league football, and help cultivate local talent giving local athletes the opportunity to participate in professional football. We are looking at partnering with local area businesses in our pursuit of excellence and commitment to the Utah community. We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to making an impact in our community. #CALLTOBATTLE #SENATE