Senate Football Welcomes Coach Steven Barela as Offensive Coordinator

by Senate Media Team

Senate football welcomes coach steven barela as the offensive coordinator

Coach Barela was born in Ogden, Utah in 1990 and at a very young age he immediately found his passion for football. Coach Barela's football career started in 1998 where he joined the local little league football league. He was a standout player who always brought a level of intensity to the field that hyped up his players and those around him. He played a total of six seasons when life took a turn for Coach Barela. At a young age Coach Barela found himself in trouble due to disagreements he had with his peers. These disagreements often led Coach Barela into physical altercations that led him to remain only on the practice field. Coach Barela battled bouts of indignation that resulted in him spending time in the American judicial system. It was during his time in prison for a robbery charge, where he realized he wanted more for his life and others around him. This was the beginning of his redemption story.

 Coach Barela used this time to positively impact his life by studying football with the goal of coaching his son to compete at the highest levels of football. Little did he know the time he spent learning to be a better coach for his son he would also reap the benefits of being a better player for the teams he joined. In 2014, Coach Barela took his skillset to a new level by joining the Wasatch Revolution where he would help the team win two champions. In 2016, Coach Barela wanted to expand his knowledge even further by joining the Ogden Knights where he was one of the all-stars on the team. He recorded the second most tackles, led the team in breakups and he also led the team in interceptions. In 2018, he joined the David Vipers where he accomplished victory again as the team went onwards to win the RMFL Championship. This year would also be the same year he would expand his family by giving birth to his daughter.

Despite his successes on the field as a player, Coach Barela never stayed away from the successes he experienced as a coach. In 2017, he began coaching local athletes and turned them around to a 5-2 season after going 1-6 the year before with the same athletes. He coached them all the way until last season where the decision was made to play for Clearfield Falcons Gridiron Team. He continued coaching despite suffering 3 broken vertebraes in 2019. It was during these tough 19 months in which Coach Barela experienced the largest amounts of fears he has ever experienced in his life. He never imagined that life would lead him to get his spine fused however, after months of rehabilitation, prayers, faith and support from loved ones he continued his coaching career. He was afforded the opportunity to coach for the Logan Stampede as a Defensive Coordinator, where he was gramted the opportunity to become Head Coach. Like many coaches in the GDFL, Coach Barela opted to remain coaching the Stampede however, he also brings his expertise to the table as the Offensive Coordinator for the Senate. 

While he didn't play college ball this life long quest to be a great coach has led Coach Barela to unparalled greatness. His inspiration for coaching derives from Mike Leach however, you can also find Coach Barela rooting for the Raiders. During his spare time you can find Coach Barela learning new skills, learning new facets to the game of football, supporting his son's traveling football team, fishing, hiking, 4x4 driving, bowling, snowboarding and most importantly spending quality time with his family. 



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