Senate Veteran & XFL Draft Free Agent Makes Return to SLC With A New Position


Ty Dobman, former XFL draft free agent, has made a return to Salt Lake City. The veteran Senate player has switched from playing defensive line to offensive line, presenting a new challenge that he has readily accepted. Previously, Ty Doman was apart of the 2021 inaugural season, and spent the 2022 season with the Tampa Bay Cyclones, before making the decision to return to Salt Lake City.

Ty Dobman's return to the Salt Lake City team has been nothing short of impressive. Switching from defense to offense is a daunting task, but he is making good progress in his new role. The biggest challenge for him is learning the technical aspects of being an offensive lineman, such as footwork and hand placement. 

"My experience has been challenging, but great.  Learning OLine after playing DLine my whole life has been tough but I’m able to take what I know as a DLineman and apply it to the way I can operate as an OLineman." Dobman reflected when asked about it.

But his experience playing defense has given him an advantage in understanding the schemes and strategies of the opposition. Ty has a unique set of skills, and his All-Around game will help the team in multiple ways.

Coach Tanner Dayre has played a vital role in Ty's transition from defense to offense. He is an excellent teacher who understands the importance of fundamentals. Coach T's focus on fundamentals has helped Ty improve his game, both individually and as part of the team. He is getting his reps in at each position, allowing him to learn and grow with each practice. It is evident that Ty has benefited from Coach T's guidance, as he continues to improve every day.

The switch from defense to offense has not only benefited Ty, but it has also been beneficial for the team. Ty's versatility is an asset to the team, as it allows him to play multiple positions as needed. He is a strong and physical player who can compete at a high level, making him an excellent addition to the offensive line unit. Ty's determination and work ethic are contagious, inspiring the entire team and helping everyone improve their game.

"I am confident in our OLine as a whole.  They have the background and the experience to be a successful unit.  I believe the biggest challenge will be for myself to perfect this new craft.  But with my coaching staff I know they’ll get me to where I need to be." stated Ty when asked if how the offensive line was shaping up this preseason.

In his short time on the opposite side of the ball, Ty has proven his worth as a valuable member of the team. His transition has been smooth, and he is excelling at his new role. Ty's unique skillset allows him to contribute to the team in different ways, making him an essential player. His physicality and versatility are traits that the team needs to succeed. The Salt Lake City team is fortunate to have someone like Ty on their roster.

Ty will undoubtedly be a valuable player for Salt Lake this season, and we look forward to seeing him in action in May.

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Established: 2021
Stadium:  Roger Dupaix Football Stadium (3251 E 3760 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84109)


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