The Mission, Vision and Plan.

by Thomas Van Yperen

We will play in the Gridiron  Development Football League (GDFL ) in a Minor Pro capacity. The league is one level below XFL and Arena and three tiers below NFL. This allows for those players not deemed good enough for NFL, XFL or in College another chance to still play at an elite level to develop their talents. 

The minor league division is very competitive and contains over 50+ other clubs spread throughout the country. The GDFL season runs summer of 2021: With 6 other teams in the league we will play 4 games home and 4 games away. We plan to set up 2 preseason matches as well at home and hope to have a solid post season run. 

If there is something you want to see that doesn't exist, go out, take the initiative and create it yourself. Together with your organization we can make this vision even more of a reality for an up and coming young player. The next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning could have been overlooked in our own back yard. We can offer them a means to play at an elite level.

We'll need those athletes getting more opportunities to play for bigger and better teams. It'll be great to have more of those teams trying to find and develop top talent. Having more high quality teams will promote healthy competition and desire. 

Instead of waiting for someone else to take the initiative, our hope is that by creating Senate Football, we can start bringing in talented players and molding them into top quality players who have a dream to play in XFL, CFL and even NFL. We want to give these players a stage to show the nation what they can do. We can mold our own hometown heroes. We can cultivate leaders within our community. 

We are The People's Team.